I'm having difficulty registering and/or receiving my verification email

I'm having difficulty registering and/or receiving my verification email

The first thing to check is to make sure your kit ID is correct, otherwise it will not be recognised by the system.


If you have not received a post-registration verification email link:

  • Although we send the email verification link straightaway, it can sometimes take a few minutes for the email to reach your inbox.


  • Our emails might be going into your spam / junk folder so please check there. We recommend you add the email address no-reply@c19testing.co.uk to your “safe-senders list” to better enable our emails to reach you.


  • If you have mis-typed your email address when registering, then you will not receive the verification link email. Please begin the registration process again, making sure that your email address is entered correctly. If you still do not receive a verification email, please try a different email address in case your email provider has blocked no-reply@c19testing.co.uk.

Sometimes people have trouble registering because they are using an older browser not supported by our website. You must use the latest version of either Safari, Chrome or Firefox web browsers. Older browsers like Internet Explorer are not supported at all.

If you don't use the latest version of a supported web browser, registration may not work.


If none of the above works, please submit a request with your telephone number and we'll give you a call to get it sorted.


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