My antigen test/lateral flow test has been rejected - what should I do next?

My antigen test/lateral flow test has been rejected - what should I do next?

There are a few reasons why we will be unable to verify your rapid antigen test submission, you will be notified of the specific problem but the main issues are:

  • The photo you have submitted is very blurry/poor quality or does not include your rapid antigen cassette and your ID document.  In this case you will need to re-upload a photo taken at the time you took the test, we do recommend you take a few photos of your completed test in case of any issues.
  • The details you have entered at registration do not match those on your passport - it is common for family members to get their kit IDs confused, please try to ensure the the ID on the box of whoever took the test corresponds to the details entered at registration
  • The kit ID you have written on the cassette does not match the kit ID you have registered with, this usually happens when multiple people are testing and get their tests mixed up - please ensure you register with the kit ID on the box of the test you took and write this ID on the test cassette to prevent mix-ups.

If we have notified you of a problem with your test, please visit and click on the blue underlined link to update your details.




We cannot send your certificate until you have sent us a good quality photo of the test cassette in the same image as your ID and ensure that the details you enter at registration match those on the ID document.


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