New Product: Coronavirus rapid antigen lateral flow tests (non-travel)

New Product: Coronavirus rapid antigen lateral flow tests (non-travel)

We have just launched a new product - Coronavirus rapid antigen lateral flow tests (non-travel).


Here's what you need to know:

1. They aren't suitable for travel testing. These tests are for home testing only.

2. You can buy a minimum of 4 tests for £25, and add on any additional ones you require (for an extra of £4.50 per test). 


These are composed of approved lateral flow rapid antigen test kits to detect coronavirus in minutes. 


We supply rapid antigen lateral flow self-tests manufactured by Healgen (Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test) and Acon Biotech (Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test). Both tests are approved for use by the UK Health Security Agency and the specific test supplied depends on stock.

Both tests have the same diagnostic accuracy with specificity ~98% and sensitivity ~99%.

Both tests detect the omicron variant.


Important considerations for use:

  • If you have typical symptoms of coronavirus, you should take a PCR test.
  • A negative test result does not guarantee that an individual doesn't have coronavirus.
  • These tests do not come with a certificate and cannot be used for arrival or departure travel testing.
  • Please note that these are private tests and therefore cannot be used to self-report your test result with the NHS.


You can purchase these home testing kits here:


Note: If you have already purchased these tests and need a travel certificate, we can offer that you pay an additional £16 per test required to obtain a test Kit ID to use our online verification and travel certificate services. 

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