Do your tests provide a 'Fit to Fly' Certificate?

Do your tests provide a 'Fit to Fly' Certificate?

To answer your question about 'Fit to Fly’ certificates:


We provide a result certificate, that can be used for travel, confirming your coronavirus test result and all the required information to travel including the time you took your sample, your name and your passport number.  Examples of our certificates for each test type can be viewed on our website.


A 'Fit to Fly' certificate has been adopted by the travel industry as referring to a Covid-19 test result certificate. Officially 'Fit to fly' is actually a medical term and refers specifically to a certificate issued by a doctor, usually after a consultation or an examination and many companies use this terminology incorrectly. 


Most countries ask for a certificate confirming proof of a recent negative coronavirus test with certain information included on the certificate such as your passport number which is what we provide.  The certificates we issue have been used successfully by thousands of travellers all across the world for the purposes of travel.  

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