What if my video-supervised test appointment is disconnected?

What if my video-supervised test appointment is disconnected?

If your video supervised test appointment is disconnected and your test has not yet been observed by our team, please click on your order link to reconnect to our video-supervised test platform and one of  our testing technicians will pick up your call to continue your appointment.


Do not proceed to take your test unsupervised and register it if you require a supervised test.


If your test(s) have already been observed by our testing technicians (this means they observed you putting drops onto the cassette and marked the test as such), you may have used up all the video credits associated with your order. You will not be able to re-join a call and can proceed directly to register your test kits at www.c19testing.co.uk/register once your test has developed.


If you are using a mobile phone, please ensure that you have a strong network signal. If you are having trouble reconnecting, please contact us.

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